The Sloppy Okapi
Charlie is a young okapi who wants to be a detective, but his one big flaw causes a big, big problem . . . he's a very sloppy okapi!
Join Charlie as he learns the importance of being neat while discovering that his weakness doesn't determine his destiny. 
Written by: Keith Bosco
Illustrated by: Taylor Patterson
No Such Thing as Normal speaks to the curiosities and difficult questions that arise in a world full of diversity. Equipped with discussion questions, this story provides a creative, honest, and interactive way to instill dignity and respect for all people.

 This book is designed to teach inclusion, diversity, and acceptance.

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Monkeys and Bananas is a silly story that will make you think twice about everything.
Written by: Keith Bosco
Illustrated by: Caroline Kerins


Away They Flew
Join Brother and Sister bird on their journey in independence, saving, and sharing. It's a fun story for the whole family!
Written by: Edwin Santos
Illustrated by: Brandon Watkins



When Bloom embarks on a grand adventure, she calls upon the wisdom from her father to help her find her way. A story of adventure, confidence, and courage.

Written by: Kelly Campbell

Illustrated by: Taylor Barron 

Bringing Home Rose is a story of perseverance and hope. 

After being bullied and discouraged by other dogs in the shelter, Rose began to doubt that she would ever get adopted. At her lowest point, Rose discovered that her dreams could come true with just a little bit of courage and hope. 

Written by: Gigi Eyre

Illustrated by: Maruf Hasan